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5 Reasons the Lexus RC 350 kicks butt & Toyota Yaris – still relevant

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

By Tony C. Lesesne


1. Great DNA! The all new Lexus RC 350 is built from the IS C floor plan, the GS A-pillar, and the IS rear architecture. That kind of DNA is well worth having, and the driver is rewarded as a result.


2. POWER AND STYLE: The car is aimed at aimed power junkies who also embrace style & design. Powered by a V-6 producing 306 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque, the RC 350 accelerates with confidence yet cruises like a large sedan with firmer seats and sporty handling. For more power and style, the F Sport includes adaptive dampers and four-wheel steering, high-friction brake pads, 19-inch wheels.


3. COST IN THE SEGMENT: Finally, an affordable fixed-roof Lexus coupe at a base price of $43,715. The F Sport trim version starts at $48,800 (with rear-drive version, adaptive dampers and a sexy power sunroof option is about $1k less than the BMW 435i M sport package.  A fully loaded RC costs about $60,000, which includes a 467-hp V-8.


4. THE FEEL:  It like you’re wearing a well-tailored suite, such as the sweet wrap around seats and sultry interior design.

5. PERFORMANCE TECH:  You can feel the performance technology at work in the drive and handling. To check out the AutoFOCUS test drive, just click the URL below and enjoy the ride.                                                                                                                                        

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