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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: A Supercar disguised as a exotic little sexy roadster

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A supercar is defined as a luxury, high-end, high-performance sports car or grand tourer . Which takes me to this! The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

The Alfa Romeo 4C;  one of the few affordable supercars on the market. You don’t agree? Think about it. Supercars are made of high-tech materials and cutting edge performance innovations right?. Well, the exotic 4C is a mid-engine little rocket with a carbon fiber chassis;

That chassis (seen below) is a game-changing technology that makes it lighter, tougher, and more resilient.


Like many super cars, winning on the race track has taught Alfa Romeo about high-tech materials and lightweight properties of aluminum like sheet Molded Compound in the outer body. That makes it 20% lighter, rigid, more stable than steel-and and resists corrosion. That is certainly another sign that this little powerhouse is a supercar in disguise. Alfa Romeo MUST know what they’ve done, and they’ve done it well.

1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale


The 4C for pure drivers with options like All-Weather, Natural, Dynamic or Race modes and traction control to add to the driving experience. It’s quick! 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. A 6-speed automatic transmission has a twin clutch and paddle shifters for instant power to the rear wheels. Steering is tight. The turning ratio is amazing. It hugs the road and Brembo brakes stops the 4C with stunning precision.

20161109_172423 - Copy

Weighing less than 2500 pounds, that rear-mid-mounted all aluminum turbocharged 1.7-liter DOHC I-4 engine produces 237-hp, 6,000 rpm and 258 lb-ft of torque. That’s 4 valves per cylinder, a new-generation turbocharger, ultra-high pressure direct fuel injection and a dual-core intercooler that cools intake air before it reaches the turbocharger churning out a blazing top speed of 160 mph and somehow gets 28 mpg combined. There’s an optional Track package.

A double wishbone suspension setup up front and a MacPherson strut out back and rides on a set of staggered 17×7.0-inch alloys wheels up front and 18×8.0-inch alloys in back. So while the ride is a pure rush, but it’s a roadster so you’re gonna feel the bumps in the road.


The 4C is all about saving weight.  The carbon-shelled seats are basic, the passenger seat is fixed and there’s hardly room for storage. The dash and gauges are clean and simple.


The Alfa Romeo 4C is the most affordable car built around a carbon fiber;. Its an Italian sports car with good value. Competition is stiff from the Lotus Elise and the Porsche Cayman, but you don’t see 4C’s much which makes it a special status. It’s not for most people, but if you want the exciting primal track experience, exclusivity, and an affordable, extremely rare addition to your car collection, the 4C is an option and its a supercar!

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