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AutoFocus Test Drive: The Mustang GT Mach E X4 is the real deal

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

As seen in the web show above, the electrification of the automobile is even touching the once sacred culture of the muscle car community. But this is an entirely diferent chapter.

AutoFocus WORLD Test Driver and host Tony Lesesne takes the Mustang GT Mach E out for a spin and shares what makes it stand out in it's own way.


Making the show about the all-electric Mustang GT Mach E was a challenge on so many levels. I loved the experience because it pretty much had all the elements you want in an EV but with the power and performance of a revved up Mustang. When you watch the web show, pay attention to the details. That's where the beauty of this car comes to life.

I wasn't sure what to think when I learned that Ford would make an all-electric Mustang GT. I knew Ford would do something bold and out of the box, but I did not think they had the balls to mess with the Mustang when it came to EV's. I got my hands on one for the AutoFOCUS WORLD Test Drive and I learned a lot more about not only what it can do, but also what it means to the muscle car of the future. The age of EV vehicles is here and Ford is stepping up to transform their classic models into Electric powerhouses.

The launch point for this episode was one of the most iconic Mustangs ever, in one of the most outstanding chase scenes in cinema history. It's the Mustang from the classic film "Bullitt".

As you will see in the episode above, its tough to compare the all new electric Mustang GT, with the original. You can expect much more in the world of EV on AutoFocus World coming soon so stay connected on socials in the meantime @AutoFocusWorld.

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