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AutoFOCUS WORLD: Mercedes Benz C63 AMG: A high performance work of art.

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

By Tony C. Lesesne

Click the screen above for the Youtube version of the web episode featuring the C63 AMG

In this episode of AutoFocus Test Drive, I can’t wait to take you on location. We took the car around town in Hollywood up and down the boulevard, around the circle and it was exhilarating. We got it out on the highways and really and a opportunity to open it up and I can tell you that this vehicle is a powerful sports car packed into a nice neat package all the way around


With the top down, it's drive time. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is surprisingly aggressive, confirming that the C63 AMG is ready for anything. With a 503 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque you can cruise with hella confidence. Gliding through Hollywood knowing that this AMG S hits 0-60 60 in just 3.7 seconds. The C63 peak torque, around 1,750 rpm at 4,134 pounds. You can feel the power and a mind blowing number of traction and stability control settings and it feels much lighter and agile than the actual weight. The steering is intuitive, and in sync with my intent, helped by the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires


On the driver-assistance technology front, the C63 gets forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring and attention assist standard.

This is absolutely a driver's car, but be advised, it's all pretty and sexy on the outside but underneath the hood lurks a dark and sinister monster capable of phenomenal power muscle and speed, in fact the tire ratings are up to 186 mph but that makes sense since it was made for the Audubon in Germany where speed limits, well they throw that out the window.

Lots of sweet little surprises with regard to user technology and adaptability. There's very little engine noise and with the top down you still don't get an enormous amount of wind sound, even with the top down.


Let me give you a basic breakdown of the exterior design of this gorgeous machine so you can enjoy how elegant and stylish, how sexy, and how sporty it is.

The unmistakable grille says it all - in the middle see the thin vertical columns accented by the bold Mercedes Benz logo badging smack in the middle of the down below you see the lower spoiler system - sleek horizontal to the piano black gloss - controlling that airflow inserts than feeds the intercoolers that then feed the turbos. Again, the C63 AMG has two of them.

I want to bring your attention to those updated adaptive headlamps and specifically the LED light strip along the top of the lights,

And you can see it again from this angle - see how it complements the flow of the front of the car?

In this frame you can really see those LED strips above the headlamps

In this frame, you’ll notice that the front bumper feeds the tire fender, that flares out to handle the wide tires

Notice the subtle lines running from front to back and the black gloss trim along the bottom.

In the back you see styling and functionality starting with the spoiler lip on the trunk

Wrap around rear tail lights with badging in the center - notice the roundness of the rear design, again for aerodynamics.

That rear design is reminiscent of the classic, elegant, yet sporty boats that suggest style and performance - see it?

Down below, you see the four tail exhausts at the bottom of the vehicle, that's where that intimidating grown comes from. With the top up or down, you can see how it's such an irresistible automobile. The design achieves a seminal balance by bringing the classic gorgeous elements from its legendary past in concert with its aerodynamic and illustrious design cues of its present and future. I say the design is on point and on the money-


Let me give you a basic overview of the interior -

As you can see, the design and layout is a stunning combination of chrome, leather and bling - and a dominant 10.2-inch center screen. The driver’s area, the steering wheel and readouts are straight high performance while the dash, with an optional navigation and AMG Track Pace data recorder down below in the middle with the rotary controller on the console.

the center stack and the passenger side evokes pure style, and luxury, high tech with the infotainment screen, yet classy with the circular air vents and classic clock at the center console. Mercedes gets major style points for that. Controlling the nice-sounding Burmester audio setup, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth. The cabin is also slick, with a stylish and intuitive layout built from high-quality materials.

It's driver-centric, packed with performance readouts on the car and driver options. And design wise, there's brushed aluminum and carbon fiber trim breaking things up. The optional AMG Performance Seats boast lots of support without being uncomfortable. but the back seat design matches that of the front, with room for two. The 10.5 cubic feet of space in the trunk.

Makes you think you're about to fly Learjet huh? That steering wheel - chromed out and and readouts. Thick grippy steering wheel is a complement for the real drivers to enjoy and - of yes, there’s the paddle shifters, which in the right hands can take the fun to a new level.

Getting in closer, all that shiny-ness can be refreshing with futuristic lines and such but the essential controls are within reach, and that means the design was well thought out.

The AMG badging adds a touch of swagger and I love it. The designer AMG sport bucket seats are lavish and hugs you - you feel totally in control in these seats - sleek white lines on the black leather seats. I really like it.

The back seats reflect the same design as the front. It fits two comfortably and the back seat passengers get the best of it all when the top is down. Check out the speakers behind the front seat headrest. That's beyond innovative.

Every C63 S has adaptive dampers, a limited-slip differential, variable electromechanical steering and a mind-numbing number of traction and stability control settings to aid in its handling mission. By the way, those carbon brakes are strong.

There's no real competition for the C63 AMG because it's made to stand alone. Other luxury sports cars in the marketplace simply fall in other categories.

Priced from $77,300 - $84,900 The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is nothing short of a high performance work of art.

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