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Ford continues legacy of support with backing of First Responders

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Ford Motor Company is grateful for the honorable service to our communities and our country and would like to salute those who serve. The video below is a special LMGE produced episode providing a visual chronology of the commitment Ford is making to support first responders. Read below the transcript from that show.

First Responders are real life heroes and they need all the help they can get. What you’re seeing here is Ford’s emergency response team training. This is a dedicated outfit of volunteers and the company’s manufacturing facilities acting as first responders and situations where local emergency responders might not be able to reach an injured or incapacitated employee in time.

Practicing with people testing the equipment, the techniques and technologies prove that Ford’s success isn’t accidental. When lives are at stake and casualties hang in the balance, that testing pays off and Ford has established a reputation for supplying first responders with a marvelous fleet of reliable durable vehicles, which takes us to the F-150. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

You really learn about the makeup of a brand when we face times of crisis. This special episode is all about recognizing, acknowledging, and celebrating the value of our first responders, and the amazing solutions being delivered by one of the most iconic global brands, right here in the USA, Ford Motor Company.

We have seen plenty of crises and we’ve also seen the response from Ford that continues to set the pace with products, initiatives, and campaigns that take on crisis of all sizes, shapes and geographic challenges. When you see an emergency vehicle, check the logo at the front of that vehicle, we’re betting that it’s probably going to be a Ford vehicle, and in many cases the F-150, leading the charge to provide help. But it doesn’t end there, there are other Ford products that make a big impact with first responders.

Let’s take a step back and look at the history for a moment. Ford has been on the front lines of emergency situations throughout its hundred plus years of service. Most recently Ford stepped up when the United States government needed ventilators as it was overwhelmed with people suffering from the covid-19 pandemic. Ford retrofitted one of its main facilities to build the needed ventilators to ship to the hospitals across the country. This kind of response to a crisis is something that Ford has done through World war I and II and continues to do so today.

First responders have to be tough, emotionally stable and alert. They have to be durable pulling long hours and dealing with stressful emergency situations. With that first responders need the kind of vehicle that fits the bill based on their own physical attributes. Ford also takes pride in its initiatives to support veterans who are looking to improve their lives. Ford is involved in numerous charitable and social issues that need the support of a major corporation in a global powerhouse.

From fires, to hurricanes and flooding, traffic accidents and more, Even today facing a global pandemic, Ford continues to deliver with quality products, services, and initiatives as well as campaigns that tilt the scales in our favor.

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