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How good is the 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport?

In this episode, the idea is to highlight some of the dynamic features that make the NX F Sport one of the unique SUV's in the class. One look at the 2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport and you may feel its allure. It's a good luxury compact SUV with a lavish interior and lots of safety and convenience tech, and it glides over bumpy roads. The optional turbocharged engine boosts the NX's power and refinement.


As I train my camera on the vehicle, I am taken by the fact that there are no bad angles. It look great from every angle as the NX boasts a platform with a low center of gravity that sets the stage for all the possibilities that follow. Punctuating its long and wide stance, striking 20-inch wheels—the largest ever on an NX—are also available.


No to be perfectly honest, sitting in the cockpit feels like we're about to make some great times on the track. This car feels like a high performance machine form the get go. Its a thrill before you even crank it up.

Experience an interior meticulously designed to forge a deeper connection between you and your drive. Where features are placed right where you'd expect them to be and artfully arranged to help keep your focus on the road ahead. It's an interior experience crafted to the highest standard.


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The NX 350 F Sport Tech

Experience an interior where technology isn’t just second to none, it’s second nature.

Lexus Interface* works as an extension of you, enabling you to personalize your multimedia experience, and provides seamless hands-free access to next-generation features like the available Mark Levinson®* PurePlay Surround Sound with Clari-Fi®.* Convenience is also enhanced with available innovations like a color Head-Up Display and Digital Rearview Mirror.of all: yours. That sound system is one of the best we've tested.


Boasting dynamic handling courtesy of an advanced platform with a low center of gravity, the NX offers powerful engines across the line, including the innovative Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the NX 450h+ AWD. (Limited availability. See your preferred Lexus dealer for details.)

It drives like it looks; quick, strong, and eager on the streets. It kicks butt with the acceleration and handling. I fell in love with the sport-racing pedals seen at left. The grip on the plate (seen at left corner) is just another sweet touch that makes hitting the gas or brakes more fun with greater feel. I also enjoyd havibng that left plate there to rest my left foot.


With six drive modes, you'll take the performance and bold design of the NX even further with the NX 350 F SPORT Handling AWD and NX 450h+ F SPORT Handling AWD. (Limited availability.

The seats at left are purely awesome. You relish the rich leather with the F sport badgin in the headrest is such a premium touch.

The rest of the seat design is more than just eye-popping. Its comfortable and nicely tailored. Perforated areas on the back and seats allow for better flow and comfort, The shoulder supports up top are also helpful on those corners

In addition to more aggressive styling, both models offer an enhanced sport-tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension and front and rear performance dampers to deliver a dynamic ride that doesn’t just respond to the road. More importantly, it responds to you.

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