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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

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By Woodie Lesesne

On a breezy South Beach afternoon, a small but historic gathering of automotive media, invited guests and Hyundai senior executives took place with the eye-popping showcase of the Ioniq 5. This amazing EV is one of several game-changing vehicles coming at you in the coming months and years.

As President of LMG Entertainment, and host of the SHE DRIVES web series my team and I were there to help you gain insight into why this EV may well become an iconic member of the EV culture. It's that fascinating. The Ioniq 5 recently launched in the US as one of the most highly-anticipated new EVs this year in case you haven't heard yet.

Hyundai released the pricing, and the aggressive MSRPs will drive demand. One of the Ioniq 5's Level 2 AC charging can accept 10.9 kWw; enough to fully recharge the 58.2 kWh pack in 5 hours and the 77.4 kWh pack in about 7 hours. Impressed? We are too.

Meet Hyundai Communications guru Dana White who gives a breakdown on why women will love this EV. She spoke to the gathered guests as we all enjoyed the dynamic backdrop of the City of Miami across the bay to the west and the bustling streets and energy of South Beach 10 floors below.

One of the concerns for consumers about EV's, especially women consumers is the range. Dana White said the solutions are right inside the Ioniq 5 with range expanding capabilities that are impressive and inviting. The term "range anxiety" refers to the anxiety or stress someone experiences when looking to get from here to there if there are no re-charging stations along the way. This ontributes to the deep concerns of being stranded.

Miami & South Beach turned out to be the perfect setting for the preview and the Hyundai executives promised to come back again and do more with us to not only enjoy our amazing region but also to help consumers gain insight into the future of electric vehicle. The overall goal is to end our dependency on fossil fuels that damage the environment and harm the planet. All Electric vehicles will be one of the many ways to combat this growing concern.


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