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Hyundai, Supernal and the future of mobility

The dynamic episode above is powerful and insightful. Hyundai is killing it in the automotive sector but that's just a part of this story. Supernal is the advanced aviation mobility division of Hyundai that is ushering in an alternative solution to traditional mobility.


With the city of Miami among the first to begin the effort through an MOU, this alternative synergizes current platforms with futuristic hubs that serve people and communities with these various kinds of aviation mobility vehicles that are battery operated and efficient.

The AAM's are innovative and have a low carbon footprint but that's just the beginning. She Drives Hostess Woodie Lesesne takes you behind the scenes to learn more about what Supernal has in store for the future of mobility. So we are forced to ask the question: Is the world ready for AAM's and how does it work since we already hae airplanes and helicopters. The ansers are all delivered perfectly by Supernal's Andre Carter. The executive gives us intelligence on a new world growing from the need to be more efficieant, safe and have a low carbon footprint.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)—a safe, automated air transportation system for passengers and cargo in urban and rural. locations. Autonomous—able to control the actions of oneself; in aircraft, flying without a human controlling it. Advanced aerial mobility is a newly emerging industry that aims to develop and operate new air vehicles potentially capable of safe, reliable, and low-noise vertical flight. The world has seen a recent increase in the adoption of electric vertical lift aircraft for urban, suburban and rural operations.


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