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Jeep Renegade: More than your average Jeep

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

By Tony C. Lesesne

Compact, powerful, rugged, yet handsome, the Renegade has the whole package.

The title of this episode is Jeep Renegade: More than your average Jeep. I must begin by saying for the record, there is no such thing as your average Jeep. But for argument sake, if there was such a thing, the Renegade would be more. That said, lets get this review started. I’m so excited about the Jeep brand that every time I get to test one, I meet more and more people out there that are already hard core fans of the brand. Its easy to understand why this unique brand with an eclectic, but extremely capable lineup is so popular. The Jeep Renegade quietly takes the Jeep Brand to new heights and I’m proud to bring it to the AutoFOCUS World test environment; the streets of Miami.

The Jeep Renegade is an impressive subcompact (Small) crossover SUV produced by Jeep. It doesn’t look like an off-road powerhouse but it was first shown to the public in March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show and production started in late August of that year. Standard Renegade models come with front-wheel drive. To watch the YouTube version of the AutoFOCUS test drive webisode, just click the screen below and enjoy.

From the front to the back, its looks and stands proud like a Jeep.

The Grille is Jeep all the way, with the Vertical lines, spaces in the middle and the signature round headlights that never go out of style. I would describe it a futuristic yet boxy, and lean. The side profile features accented fender flares that arch around the tires and flow along the bottom of either side profile from front to back. That barrier also serves as a protector of the lower sections of the vehicle.

I fell in love with the long and expansive sun roof, what a blast.

Inside, its neat, clean, classy and straight ahead. Up top there’s the lovable retractable roof to let in the light and air. Stylish seating choices and detailed materials with ingenious storage solutions are all inside the Renegade Jeep says the idea is for drivers to conquer any quest in comfort and style. The seats and very comfortable and for my height, that matters. I sat high and felt full control of the vehicle from that perspective. The infotainment center with the center screen provides all of the performance and climate information you need, as well as great entertainment options.

The sound system is extraordinary – no surprise here with beats by Dre on board. Seating space for three is enough to get the back seat packed with your buddies. Need that back seat space? Kick your buddies out of the back seat so you can drop those seats and increase the cargo by 45 percent. Yup, that cargo area is awesome.

The vehicle offers the four-wheel drive systems Active Drive I and Active Drive Low, both of which are paired with Jeep’s Select-Terrain System. Its well thought out and ready for the adventurer. The Renegade is the first Jeep product to be produced exclusively outside of North America and built in Melfi, Italy (alongside the related Fiat 500X); Goiana, Brazil(alongside Jeep Compass and Fiat Toro); and in Guangzhou, China.

The starting MSRP is $22,620 with specific options, add ons and other features that could add another set of costs. Standard Renegade models come with front-wheel drive, with four-wheel drive available on Sport, Latitude and Limited trims. In the US, the lineup consists of Sport, Latitude and Limited trims, all of which come with a choice of front- and four-wheel drive, as well as the Trailhawk trim, which is 4WD only.

Its an IIHS top safety pick, no surprise to Jeep loyalists, with available Forward Collision Warning( Disclosure) and available LED projector headlights with automatic high-beam control. At the end of the day, its hard to go wrong with a Jeep product because so much thought, technology and preparation goes into the vehicles based on their expected exploits off road and in the city. I found it to be a non-stop joy ride and can’t wait to really give a go in the far reaches of the Everglades and upper Keys. Stay tuned for that Adventure. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and IG @AutoFOCUSWorld.

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