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Kia Carnival - More than a minivan, its a multi-purpose vehicle

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Minivans are transforming and becoming more diverse and functional than ever. Today, we’re featuring the Kia Carnival. It's more of a multifunctional vehicle. This time, I’m going to break with tradition a nd start the review from the back seats where the luxury and style is in full view. The second row is like a luxury lounge with screens for entertainment. You can enjoy exquisite sound from the Bose speakers - two cool points right there.

The leather is exquisite and there's plenty of space to charge up your phones. You got 12-volt and charger and a place to charge well. Those 2nd row seats, that’s where the VIP action happens. They slide forward, then slide back, even further back to really stretch out. Oh and it reclines. There's a leg support right down there at the bottom of the seat; VIP right? Five cool points!

You can control the recliner; move it forward, backward, whatever works for you. The third row is more spacious than usual with a well designed space for passengers and ample places to charge your phone and notepad.

Overall, it seats seven - or eight and its time to check out the cargo area in the back. Its ample - just drop the third row seat headrests, lower the seats on both side. Now check this out, tuck the seat down below - five cool points right there. And you can easily fit all kinds of stuff back there. I mean if you have a family, or you’re the outdoor, adventuresome type, got a business with stuff to move, but you still want to be stylish, its a versatile minivan.

The front driver and passenger cockpit - high tech, glossy and well organized. The center stack is glossy with chrome trim. There are climate controls in the middle gradient chrome divider runs from one side to the other, stylish. And then there's the undeniable dual 12.3-inch displays that stretch across two-thirds of van's dashboard. Yes, that infotainment screen protrudes beautifully from the dash Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard. There are up to nine USB ports dot the Carnival's cabin.

Its a big vehicle so that rear view camera really helps. You can see clearly what's back there and it does more than just help you park. You can engage the camera setting too, which means you can see what going on in the back seats as well.

And now my favorite part, the test drive. The 2022 Carnival is powered by a 3.5-liter front-wheel drive V-6 that grinds out a healthy 290 hp; an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard. Hey you know what I am impressed with its well balanced ride, handling. I am impressed with its well balanced ride it's handling it's agility it's quickness it delivered a smooth ride when closing on the streets, highways and the neighborhood. Surprisingly enough, its confident on the corners. Now we're not talking racing anything but to get from zero to 60 and seven seconds is definitely impressive for a vehicle this size. But it's more than that it, can tow up 3,500 pounds the fuel economy EPA for the carnival is 19 in the city 26 on the highway or 22 combined. Optional drive modes include normal, echo, sport, yes a sport mode exists for this minivan. Chew on that for a moment.

The Kia Carnival is inviting, you want to find excuses to get on the road and enjoy what it has to offer. There are several trim levels:

  • Kia Carnival LX ($32,100 - $34,100)

  • Kia Carnival EX ($37,600)

  • Kia Carnival SX ($41,100)

The Carnival is more than a stereotypical minivan, but its a multi-purpose vehicle and a smart consideration at a competitive price, starting around $32,100. You get a multipurpose vehicle that moves and feels like a luxury car, with a mini VIP lounge inside.

Its a very handsome vehicle that manages to look stylish, sleek and sporty while carry the size and length of a minivan. The low aerodynamic from highlights the Kia design DNA from the grill and headlights to the trimmings and appointments. The available 19-in wheels are sports car oriented. The back rear of the Carnival is neat and organized with a chrome bottom and up top you've got a roof spoiler.

The Carnival is easily among the finest minivans on the market today. With stunning looks and design, a fabulous interior and technology, and the sport performance elements that take it to a higher level, it should do well in 2022 and beyond.

Stay tuned for the next episode or blog. Be safe, see you then.


A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the Hyundai USA team for

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first-ever 60 sec. Micro Episode

The first ever micro-episode had its soft premiere this week with the ferocious Ford Mustang Shelby GT. "This is yet another historic mile-marker for the AutoFOCUS media brand " said Tony Lesesne, host and producer of AutoFOCUS WORLD TEST DRIVE. There are so many amazing vehicles we want to share with audiences of buyers and curiosity seekers that this allows us to have yet another way to assist them and the manufacturers we work with.

The Mustang Shelby GT segment is called the 30 second Thrill Ride, which is a version for high performance sports cars. Other models in the truck, Sedans and SUV's will also get exposure through the new medium. "This new format allows us to reach and entertain a younger segment through Instagram, Instagram stories, Tik Tock and Twitter. Audiences on these accounts are used to micro-content and we learned that they enjoy auto content very much.

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