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ON THE TRACK-UPDATES: Bubba Wallace, Kyle Larson, Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen

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This is a great time to get involved in the race culture and all the excitement, fun, pageantry and thrills that come with it. That brings us to Bubba Wallace in the 23 car. Yep that 23 car that won the Talladega yellowwood 500 is now going into the NASCAR Hall of Fame until August as it has now become a part of NASCAR history.

You can see Bubba at left in Los Angeles with LA Sparks basketball star so and so.

He knows. like every driver in the league that winning a race in NASCAR is tough, with all the great teams and drivers. Add to that the fact that this is a new team and Bubba Wallace is still early in his career and both he and the team are trying to figure everything out There's a lot of pressure on this driver and his team but they still seem to be growing expanding getting better and having fun. Congrats in NASCAR and the 23x. Regardless of what happens and Bubba's career or that of owner Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, they will also be known as Hall of famers even if the display was only exhibited for a few months.

Can anyone challenge Kyle Larson for the NASCAR title?

Let's stay with NASCAR and talk about Kyle Larson. No he did not win or do all that great and last week's Phoenix race, however he still the most dominant driver on the NASCAR circuit.

It's not just the fact that he can drive his behind off, but he's also got a highly skilled team, a solid crew and a strong operation behind him. The question is, can anyone challenge Kyle Larson this year? Larson is a 29-year-old California native who was the regular season NASCAR cup champion for 2021 but he's won most of his career from the midgets, to the Rolex in Daytona, to the K&N pro series, Larson knows how to get it done, and that includes trucks.

He stands the best chance of winning the season but will have to hold off a number strong challengers that can handle the numerous tracks and challenges that are coming at them week after week.


F1 Challengers to the throne

Now let's move over to F1, and there's lots of off-season action happening as we prepare for the 2022 campaign. The big question here now that we know that Lewis Hamilton is returning is is Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team ready to take on all challengers including Sir Lewis?

From what we see Red Bull is ready and not even thinking about backing down. That's good news for race fans and that's good news for F1. we believe that's good news for Lewis Hamilton because he's got some things to deal with as a result of how last season ended.

We also need to pay attention to the young drivers looking to make the podium in F1 and hopefully for them, get into more winning situations, especially Landon Norris, Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly. You also have to keep your eyes on George Russell and Esteban Ocon.


F1 MIAMI making progress

Here's an update that you may enjoy, F1 is coming to its second US city, our own home base of Miami or shall we say Miami gardens where the May race is starting to take shape from a construction and preparation standpoint.

The construction crews are having to work around a lot of challenges. That includes Miami dolphin games, concerts and festivals, and everything else that goes on with the Miami dolphins training facility. Still they're getting it done and it's starting to look nice.

The beautiful facility around the Hard Rock stadium is now looking like a state-of-the-art track ready for spectators and race fans. There are few tracks in the U.S. that can claim warmth, sunshine, palm trees and a beach nearby that on can enjoy over the course of a few days. The course design team simulated an impressive 36 different layouts, before landing on the current iteration – a 19-turn track that has the Hard Rock Stadium at its heart – and will have an average speed of around 223km/h or 138mph.

For the first time in F1’s long history, the championship will be hosted in a predominantly African-American community, in the city of Miami Gardens, a few miles north of Downtown Miami.

We'll keep you posted on the updates Stay tuned for more, as we bring you inside perspectives on ways to enjoy F1.


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