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Mercedes-Benz AMG SL 63 - Beautiful Beast

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

By Tony C. Lesesne

DROPPING THE TOP: That blue-ish panoramic roof is heat reflective and blocks UV and infrared rays that keeps the the cabin cooler.    This is the launch button – I mean the ignition….This lever on the console activates the top that folds into the trunk while the rear window pivots 180° to help preserve cargo space. Grab your shades cause in less than 20 seconds you’re topless, and it works up to 25 miles per hour.


DRIVE & PERFORMANCE: So let’s get on the track – and take off –  0 to 60 and just four seconds. Hugs the streets…Loves the curves – The seats activate a G-force restraint on either side as you hit curves. …Handling precise…Turning ratio- one of the best I’ve ever tested due to the curve Dynamic assist. Yes this car was MADE to drive!


DESIGN: Look at that front grille; classic, stylish and elegant, the rear…sexy, powerful. The AMG SL63 has the plenty of distinguishable details like those air gills on the hood… lets get under that hood

ENGINE: Mercedes-Benz AMG SL63 has a handcrafted engine which is a 5.5 L AMG V8 biturbo producing 577 horsepower. It also produces 664 pound feet of torque with its millisecond quick direct injection and multi spark ignition technologies.


INTERIOR: The mix of classic and futuristic collides inside the cabin. Right in front of the steering wheel is the classic silver metallic trimmed odometer and gauges. Look at the Paddle shifters in the above photo. They are large enough to really enjoy them.   The central analog clock atop the dash modeled after the classic IWC sports watch. Rear view camera, Classic round air vents Lush, high quality leather seats that are heated or cooled, and head restraints perfectly placed.  

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