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Style, Performance & Fun; the Genesis G70 brings it!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

by Tony C. Lesesne

For me it was love at first sight with the G70. I couldn’t help it. Maybe it was the flamboyant grille, or the low center of gravity, or the sophisticated attitude. The G70 is one of those cars that I call a “statement” machine. The wide, dramatic posture, the slick profile the emotional effect of the visual ques are all there.

The performance is where we need to begin because this is where I had the most fun, unexpected fun. What powers this beauty is a 365-horsepower 3.3L twin-turbo V6 packs a punch but still delivers a smooth ride with help from the complex All-Wheel Drive system and the Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control for better stability and a more rapid response on wet roads and curves. Believe me, I took plenty of curves just to make sure that I wasn’t imagining what I felt on each corner. It hugs the road without the anxiety-fuel G-forces that often come with taking a tight corner. No problem at all. The acceleration was also spirited and quick. When I take off from a complete stop, there’s no head-jerk, just a easy but rapid increase in speed. Nice! The AutoFOCUS web show below showcases the G70 in action.

click the screen above to watch the AutoFOCUS test Drive web series

Inside, the luxury experience is abundant. The materials are pleasing to the eye and excellent build quality. Its driver-centric layout and straightforward controls cater to driving enthusiasts. Classy stitched surfaces and elegant color combinations elevated the feeling of style and affluence. The interior designers were mindful to keep materials and design ques upscale and dynamic.

The front seats are roomy, well designed and the adjustable options make it easy for just about anyone to make themselves comfortable. The G70’s trunk is also more roomy than expected with enough space for two golf bags and accessories. Interior cubby storage includes a useful tray at the front of the center console that is perfect for smartphones and other small items. Unfortunately, the door pockets are small, and the center-console bin lacks organization.

The G70 comes in at around $45,450 and its one of the better options in a crowded field. If sedans are to continue to resonate in the marketplace, they can take notes from what the G70 brings to the table. @autofocusworld

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