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Subaru's BRZ: A return the passionate driving, style and sports coupe performance

Click the screen above to watch the full breaksown of the BRZ

Filming the BRZ for AutoFOCUS WORLD was fun, yet educational. It really opened my eyes to the value and liabvility of sports cpoiupes and how they add life to you lifestye. Subaru understands that.

I've been waiting for the opportunity to introduce you to the mighty little Subaru BRZ. I knew you may not have had much expusure to the car and you deserve better than that. The video show above but here's also more info to encourage youto watch. Or click here for the link.

I'll be honest, it was love at first sight when I walked up to the Subaru BRZ. "Subaru's second-generation BRZ is all about pure driving joy." The BRZ's natural amiability is unquestionably its best trait, very forgiving and full of rear-wheel-drive fun.

The BRZ's new 2.4-liter engine isn't a powerhouse, but it revs smoothly and happily, and it zips the coupe up to speed briskly. Going from zero to 60 mph takes about six seconds. The manual transmission feels precise, and it's enjoyable to shift. The automatic works well but mutes some of the boxer engine's character.

The New Subaru BRZ Is the Ideal Beginner Sports Car. A new, more powerful engine pairs with ultra-predictable handling dynamics to result in a car anyone can comfortably push to its limits. It's your first new performance car. Nice smelling and reliable with a reassuringly long warranty.

Driven, researched and written by Tony C. Lesesne

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