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The Audi Q5; Love or Infatuation?


Audi AG and the 2020 with the most successful quarter year in the company's history for cars delivered. So they're on a run. Even though all manufacturers are down during pandemic era, Audi had 1,692,773 cars delivered worldwide again despite week of sales how to gain market share in most major markets. Audi is definitely gaining ground on the competition and we see why.

Or is it just an infatuation

After spending a week with the gorgeous Audi Q5 Sportback Premium Plus, it was easy for me to understand how this vehicle finds success and it's segment. You see, there's a class of luxury SUV buyers that really want something different, with amazing design cues, stylish interior and snappy, jazzy technology. Yes, they want the performance but also a unique product from the mainstream with a cool vibe and upscale presentation that the Audi delivers. So there's a sweet lane for the Q5 and the Sportback Premium Plus package adds flavor to the dish.

The performance is solid and fun, but there's more to it

Audi raised a bar by giving the Q5 a slight makeover with an up-to-date, more competitive design. That specifically includes an updated grill, rear bumpers and rear design that you can see to the right, and new 18 and 28 inch wheels. There's also an updated and improved, cooler interior design. Basically, its all around fresher package. Also to add funk to the flash, its got a 261 horsepower, 12-volt hybrid system which is standard. I gotta love that.

Lets take iton the road

I expected a great ride but I noticed that the drive is strong and yet while I'm loving the feel and handling I must admit that it's hard to ignore the luxury appointments surrounding me as the driver. There's lots of headroom and leg space so comfort is not a problem whatsoever. I can focus on enjoying the quiet interior and the smooth ride. The turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission has the much-elebrated Quattro all-wheel drive. It's extraordinarily quick, agile and confident. It surprisingly sportier than it looks and more athletic on the drive the experience.

That turbo 4 has lots of kick butt to zip around town and yet it's smooth and flows nicely from one gear to the next. After several attempts my zero to 60 arrived at 5.5, and 5.6 consistently. And by the way if you get the hybrid version then your combine output for 362 horsepower 369 pound for your torque.

I just had to see what it could do from a dead start. The Q5 easily accelerates with surprising quickess. You hit that gas pedal and it comes to life. There's a focus and attention to stability and agility regardless of the conditions of the road or it's surface.

Behind the wheel the steering is smooth, exact, and the feedback from the wheels up front is on the money. I particularly like to drive modes and the dynamic option in particular. There are subtle benefits to various drive modes to select and you may enjoy them based on your driving style. I noticed that the Q5 is adapt is diverse driver and road situations. As far as mileage goes the Q5 earns 23 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Q5 has a five-star overall safety rating and comes with driver's assistance technology, automated emergency braking and forward collision warnings as well as a number of other standard safety features. One in particular that I always sing the praises for is the standard blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert because those are areas of which accidents happen more frequently than you may think.

I found the Q5 to be larger and feel heftier and more aggressive than I expected. For the curb weight of about 4,733 lb it's quite strong and feels lighter. It's riding on Pirelli Scorpion all-season 255x45r tires. I also discovered that it manages the task of providing value as a luxury compact crossover and an athletic performance vehicle.

Now let's go inside. The interior design is clean, lean, efficient and luxurious. It's not overstated or understated, it's simply functional. There are attractive horizontal lines running from the driver side across the passenger side with a silver horizontal separating line in the middle of the dash. Dominating the dash is the protruding 10.1 inch screen that makes up the intuitive infotainment system. That infotainment system features the Wi-Fi hotspot and apple carplay as well as Android auto capabilities. The premium plus that we test it also had a reconfiguration capable digital gauge cluster called the virtual cockpit. It's pretty cool because it delivers a wider 12.3 into you of the navigational map system and selected media chip computer and performance readouts.. I couldn't resist sharing that.

Behind the wheel the first thing a driver enjoys is the sport steering wheel, leather wrapped with chrome accents and read outs along the center steering bar. The dash hood over the driver readouts is larger than normal and provides lots of shade where you can read the digital information easily. To the right of it are your controls for climate and your center stack cascades down into your center divider between the driver and the passenger. Theere, you'll find areas to save and charge your phone or to select your drive modes.

Back to the dash. I particularly like this center leather divider running horizontally across the dash. I'm chilling in these soft sport bucket seats with various customization options that made it even more fun to ride. All in all you can get about four adults in there comfortably, all of whom will enjoy a quiet experience. The second row seating is spacious and comfortable with nice visibility. The back cargo area has ample space for enough baggage, groceries and golf gear. Fold those seats down for even more space.

A Breakout Exterior Design Scheme works nicely

The exterior design is straight up bold. It's exactly where Audi wanted to be and it's also where Audi is going. Starting at the hood, there's an unmistakable slope downward towards the grill with various subtle vertical lines flowing from the windshield down to the grill. That unmistakable grill features that iconic Audi ring that dominates the front view. That grill is encased by a silver border with small geometric frames doused in black in the middle. On either side of the grill are these futuristic multi-lined headlights the slide around the side.

There's a second level underneath the headlights that slightly protrudes where a bumper would be. Beneath that on either side of the front is a lower air intake area framed by silver Chrome like finish. There's a separated silver lower spoiler anchored on either side by a support piece. It's pretty.

The side view is as striking. You can truly appreciate the ground clearance. It's high, athletic, and forward leaning. It's also a very efficient and sturdy design that helps Audi seperate itself in the segment because design can identify one model and another. The side bview reveals that the snub nose front and the lower spoiler and air intake gives it a unique front while the sport sedan design that is clear from the side rear area highlights it's athleticism.

The rear design could be its most striking feature. The roof spoiler has a few layers to it but also curves downward on either side of the windshield. Moving down from there is an arch to the tail fin or spoiler with a silver or Chrome border right in the middle of the back design. Above it on either side are unique multi-layered tail lights, and right smack in the middle is that unmistakable Audi logo. The bottom area of the rear is uniquely designed with various light cues and chrome framing on the bottom. That Chrome framing starts low and raises up along the bottom running horizontal from one side to another and a lower line of lights accent the very bottom area. It took time to think that through for sure. Just for extra manager, designers of the lights added a unique set of geometric lines that truly give it style and cool points.

I really wanted to get to know this vehicle better as I continue to explore the world of audi. I've always been impressed with the performance, style and all around vibe that Audi brings to the table but I've also been curious about its inspired world presence, unique design and wanted to dive into even its history and how it came to be a major player on the global automotive front. So as I dive deeper into the Audi brand and continue to test their models and share with you my feedback, I must admit it out he is one of the stellar brands in the marketplace

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