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The Kia EV6 is the brands quickest

Here is the Kia EV6, the quickest in teh lineup. Wow. What a treat for you today. This show turned out to be more exciting than expected. I was excited about bringing this particular test drive and review to you simply because there's lots to share about the EV6 but unfortunately, not a lot of time to share it with you.

So I test drove it and drove it and drove it some more until I felt like I knew this thing intimately. I can assure you that it was an effort that required passion, patience, pace, and performance.

Those are the four P's that I look for in a high performance car but the patience part is most important because it takes time to get to know a car or at least a day or so.

After the aggressive driving it was time to ease off the gas and pull into a rest station. There as you can see I got an opportunity to inhale, enjoy, rest and restart.

We're dealing with a car that runs from $61,600 and up and it feels just as good inside as it does with the beautiful looks on the outside. But I can tell you is I drove this vehicle through plenty of different scenarios, different driving environments, road conditions, and weather challenges. Through it all the ev6 revealed lots of important facts that make it worth reviewing and sharing.

Plenty of you guys have asked me about the price, the drive quality and the interior, but unfortunately I had not yet tested it. Now I have. Enjoy the show, I enjoyed the ride, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and leave a comment on the video show. I also encourage you to join our voting process as we select the years top designs and fan favorite.

Kia EV6 GT is stunning from a design standpoint so it's hard to ignore. Going into the test drive, I was excited just on it looks alone.

But we all know in life as well as the automotive world, looks can be deceiving. How many beautiful cards over the last few decades have we seen out on the streets that can barely do anything once you get behind the wheel?

As you can see on the left, there's an open sunroof up top and I'm a happy camper sitting in those dynamic sport bucket seats with the neon trim around the edges.

Check out the show and you'll see just how dynamic they are in the video. I can tell you that the agility was tight and the feel of those seats made it all the better.Most of those cars are not even on the road today but design excellence is still a driving Factor because it is an art form and it also impacts performance if you consider aerodynamics of the design.

I enjoyed it and invite you to send your comments and thoughts to us and stay on ouir social media outlets for daily updates.

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