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Why the Ford Escape is the darling of the compact SUV segment

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The Ford Escape is profiled in the video above – click to watch

The Ford Escape is one of the sweet surprises in the compact SUV segment. Its faster than before, lower, wider and has volumes of technology. It can even nearly park itself. We found it delivering a feeling of roominess and spaciousness not often found in compact SUV’s and the lower belt line allowed for greater visibility and enjoyment.

We had a blast test driving the Ford Escape AWD for you and we really put it to the test in the city, the highway and on the open road. We also took liberties by packing the front and back seats with family members, and stacking lots of stuff in the rear cargo area. The completely redesigned Escape was designed, engineered and built for a life in motion. From the spacious new interior, to the sleek, head-turning lines of the exterior, the 2020 Ford Escape was built for adventure on the road and a lifestyle on the go.

Nothing beats driving a compact SUV when you can take off like a jet down the streets or highway and still feel safe and there is full responsiveness. Its rare but the Escape provided that level of confidence on the highway as well as in heavy city traffic.

Being able to park in tight spaces was yet another treat with this vehicle. In some cases, the Escape has a setting that allows it to self park, which is a feat that excites to say the least. That treat is yet another of the many high-tech features that drivers can enjoy with the Escape.

Its worth mentioning that the cargo space is much more vast than the exterior leads on to believe. The Escape has best in class second row leg room and ranked #1 in the JD Power Driver Appeal among compact SUV’s.

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