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2022 Lexus UX 250h F SPORT Premium review

The Lexus UK 250 F Sport Hybrid looks amazing. But what more does it have to offer than stunning good looks? For those that want a small premium hatchback/crossover with a premium price, this may be worth the look.


Getting behind the wheel of the UX250h is exciting even before I push the ignition button. It's just so attractive inside that I just had to sit and savor the interior for a moment. It's sweet. But enough of that, it's time to hit the road, the track and everything in between. The hybrid UX250h has a few advantages. All-wheel drive and better fuel economy are among the benefits in the category. Thanks to their small proportions and low center of gravity, both variants are entertaining to drive. The upgrade is noticeable and it definitely helps the handling as well. The 2022 Lexus UX is available in two powertrains and we tested the all-wheel drive UX 250h which pairs a high-efficiency version of the 2.0-liter gas engine with a fourth-generation hybrid drive system engineered specifically for this platform. The stats on the engine power are 181 Hp and 3000 RPM. Let's dig deeper into the performance ques.

The F Sport brings more flavor to the meal. The F Sport package brings performance-oriented upgrades such as a sport-tuned suspension, 18-inch wheels on run-flat tires, and exclusive interior and exterior appointments. Those 18-inch, five twin-spoke aluminum alloy wheels unique to the F SPORT are helpful in the handling and performance of the vehicle as well as its grip on the road.

The exclusive F SPORT suspension tuning includes updated springs and stabilizer bars for a tighter ride. I loved the feel and the confidence it delivered. I actually expected greater body roll and stability issues, but there were none. The Lexus UX comes with a gas-powered or hybrid powertrain paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). The UK 250h that I test drove makes 181 horsepower, with quick acceleration.

The UX 250h model all-wheel drive (AWDe) system uses a separate, dedicated electric motor-generator with 7 hp output integrated into the rear differential. The power distribution between the front and rear axles is automatically optimized by the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system when accelerating, cornering or driving on slippery surfaces. The VSC system and the technology to influence performance is a triumph in engineering.

Both the UX 200 and UX 250h Hybrid are equipped with Lexus Drive Mode Select, which allows the driver to customize the driving experience by choosing which of the four different drive modes work best in any given situation. Normal mode, which I generally stayed with except on the open road. It provides an optimal balance between driving performance and fuel efficiency. ECO mode, which I am a fan of, maximizes fuel savings.

Sport Mode is my favorite. No surprise there. It delivers quicker throttle response and increased power steering feel. EV mode allows the UX 250h to drive in all electric mode under certain conditions.

There are critics that say the vehicle lacks enough power to be as competitive as it should be. I totally disagree. Why? While 181 horses sound light compared to the others in the segment that break the 200 Hp mark, this Lexus gets the job done for what it's designed to do. The acceleration makes up for any percieved shortcomings on the horsepower. It takes the mantle of performance with a sharp, aggressive launch that gets the heart pumping. WOOOHOOO!!! Oh, sorry, I got carried away. With regard to mileage, the EPA-estimated 41 mpg city and 38 mpg highway isn't bad at all. The gas-only model is rated at 29 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

The safety system itself is an addeed performance feature. The standard Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 includes:

  • Pre-Collision System with Low-light and Daytime Pedestrian and Daytime Cyclist Detection

  • All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist

  • Lane Tracing Assist

  • Road Sign Assist

  • Intelligent High-Beam Headlamps

Lexus F began as a subdivision of Lexus to produce high-performance vehicles that are specifically designed to provide optimal performance on the track.

The F in F Sport is associated with the Fuji speedway in Japan where Lexus puts its performance to the test



Inside, you know you're in a Lexus from the start. The "F Sport" designation is clear too. F SPORT-exclusive interior features include front sports seats made with a highly supportive integrated-foaming technique first developed for Lexus F models. It has a way of making one feel really special. The digitally rendered instrument meter features a movable ring inspired by the Lexus LFA supercar. That car is nearly perfect in my eays so I'm down with the likeness. A perforated leather-trimmed F SPORT steering wheel with paddle shifters, leather-trimmed perforated shift knob, 8-inch TFT color display, aluminum pedals, aluminum door scuff plates and footrest are also part of the package.

Featuring a larger 8-inch TFT LCD display on F SPORT, content can vary depending on the powertrain (gas or hybrid) and the selected drive mode. For the F SPORT only, the movable meter ring, which originated in the Lexus LFA supercar and is also featured in the LC premium coupe, allows displayed content to be easily changed. Pushing a switch on the steering wheel moves the ring to the right and enlarges the multi-information display.


This is one beautiful vehicle that turned heads all over town. It has sharp, sleek lines and clean angles from front to back. The side view is athletic and sporty. The L shape influences are abundant. Starting at the front, the F SPORT includes an exclusive grille design featuring a mesh-pattern created by signature L-shaped pieces. The F SPORT includes an exclusive grille design featuring a mesh-pattern created by individual L-shaped pieces. The exclusive F SPORT front bumper features LED fog lamps with L-shaped chrome moldings, cornering lamps and the same mesh pattern as the grille. A revised rear bumper and jet-black trim on the front and rear moldings complete the F SPORT look.

The updated rear bumper and jet-black trim on the front and rear moldings bring new style elements to the F SPORT. The headlamp design is sleek and the LED daytime running lights are arranged in an arrowhead motif. The full-width taillights project a distinctive nighttime signature formed by a sequence of 120 LEDs tapering toward the center, measuring just 1/8” thin at its narrowest point. Its a design detail that makes car lovers lik me appreciate the effort. To add to the look and vibe of the vehicle, Unique Aero Stabilizing Blade Lights begin at the top of the rear fenders and span the rear of the vehicle. This is where design meets functionality. How? By guiding airflow around the rear of the UX, this design also helps reduce turbulence and lift, benefiting vehicle stability when cornering and driving in crosswinds. I love the cool and eye-catching wing-type spoiler at the rear edge of the roof, along with a flat underbody that also contributes to that vehicle’s quietness, fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

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