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Hyundai contributes to Black Owned Businesses in Savannah during Black History Month

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Click the screen below for the special episode on Savannah's three black owned businesses & Hyundai

Hyundai is investing heavily in Savannah, Georgia, where it's massive futuristic EV plant will begin to take shape soon. It has provided financial support to Savannah area charities and not-for profit organizations.

Brandon Ramirez, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and External Relations, Hyundai Motor America

For Black History Month, Hyundai again for a second year awards three Savannah area entrepreneurs, each of which are veterans with a specific skill set. In this special episode you'll meet three amazing entrepreneurs who have put in countless hours, faced numerous setbacks, and continue to grind to fulfill their mission and purpose while serving their communities.

Hyundai’s global vision is progress for humanity, which means giving back to the community where we live and work,” said Brandon Ramirez, director, corporate social responsibility and external relations, Hyundai Motor America.You'll also meet the people behind Hyundai's Progress Project and become a more familiar with the beautiful city of Savannah, where legions of tourists flow through each year.

Luxe the Salon owner Latecka Moore- Early with Tony Lesesne

Click the screen below for the special episode on Savannah's three black owned businesses & Hyundai

“Hyundai is proud to support small businesses through the Progress Project, as we celebrate and honor the achievements of the African American community during Black History Month.” Hyundai selected three Savannah-based small businesses each receiving donations of $15,000.

The recipients are as follows

The Culturist Union: A multi-functional coffee shop and artisan marketplace that hosts events, forums, and all things community for creatives in Savannah. The organization will use the donation to create an accessibility ramp at the entrance to ensure that everyone can enjoy the space, no matter their abilities.

Luxe the Salon: An upscale salon with a relaxing ambiance that specializes in natural hair, luxe, and hair extensions in Savannah. The salon will use the donation to update the store’s equipment, furniture, and other features, augmenting the overall customer experience.

Savannah Sauce Company: This company manufactures delicious suaces and more. A community-centered company that makes delicious sauces, jams, and other locally sourced products in Georgia, inspired by the Savannah kitchen of owner Mike Roberson’s grandmother, Henrietta Smith. The company will create a new ice cream flavor from one of the jams.

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