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"Hyundai Heroes: Huntington Beach Cleanup Chronicles"

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Our oceans are essential for life on this planet but there's a threat to our oceans I'm taking you on a journey to Southern California where the stage is set for yet another fight to save our oceans to help with clarity on his vital issue, The effort was captured perfectly from a powerful message of engagement from Randy Parker, CEO of Hyundai Motors America.


So Hyundai's in a fight to save our planet sign me up. Time to head from South Florida to LA, from then to Huntington Beach in this awesome Elantra N.

It took 10 seconds to fall in love with Huntington Beach. It's the perfect Beach down I mean it even has Beach in its name, world class surfing and volleyball the pier main Street what could be the problem

Hyundai’s partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to ocean conservation efforts supports further Healthy Seas’ and Ghost Diving USA’s diving projects in southern California to clean the oceans and retrieve fishing nets contributing to marine pollution. Reclaimed fishing nets and other nylon waste collected become ECONYL, a regenerated nylon yarn that is used to make new textile products.

The partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA supports Hyundai Motor Company’s commitment to sustainability and global vision of progress for humanity. This focus on the ocean emphasizes the company’s efforts to help create more sustainable marine ecosystems and contribute to a circular economy. The partnership will also enable the organizations to host beach cleanup events across California throughout 2024, with the partnership kicking off on December 9 with a cleanup event at Huntington Beach State Park.


It's the morning of the big event. The pier is coming alive, surfers are ub the water, and he assembled experts and Hyundai volunteers are prepping for everything. Now it's my turn and at first I don't see anything. This is a beautiful beach but then I remember the early morning training where they showed us how to detect deadly microplastics hiding in the seaweed that washes ashore. It took a moment of practice but before long I had my share of microplastics Tangled and seaweeds look at that. That's scary. I've got my work cut out for me so it's back to scouring the beach for more deadly pollutants. 

One of the most amazing elements in this journey is watching the Hyundai executives and associates come out with their families on an early morning to help in this effort. Hats off to Hyundai and the employees as well as Brandon Ramirez and his team for helping bring it to realization .

Meanwhile back at the base camp the volunteers have collected garbage along the beach and it's being turned in and weighed. It's adding up. The results were shared making it an event well worth the effort. And just a reminder, ghost divers are highly skilled professionals with experience and they have risked their lives on occasion to make an impact. 

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Hyundai to the USA, Healthy Seas has been at Hyundai Motor Europe's side for three impactful years,” Veronika Mikos, director, Healthy Seas Foundation. “Collaborating on diving cleanups and education, we've recovered ghost nets, fostered sustainability, and now, with Hyundai Motor America, we're eager to expand our efforts to the US. Together, we shape a sustainable future for our oceans."

The day was successful, another win in the right to save our oceans but we've got so much work to do. Stay involved, stand formed and stay tuned

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