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Hyundai Palasade: Premium Quality: Great Price

The picture above is the gorgeous palisade at the grand entrance of the Hard Rock hotel and iconic venue and resort in Hollywood Florida.I 'm excited to share with you this episode on video in the screen above and on YouTube because the 2023 Hyundai palisade is a 3-row upscale SUV that challenges the other premium brands and the market. What you'll find and this episode is top tier tech and safety features that literally transform the way you travel.

There are three trim levels that you'll find interesting. The XRT which is a balanced trim with off-road styling additions at 40,550, The limited which is a premium trim that treats you with high-end features at 46,800 starting. Then there's a calligraphy of which we tested which is the luxury trim loaded with all the top tier features. We love the goodies and you'll find them all in this episode. The calligraphy trim model comes in at $49,200.

This episode was exciting because we were test driving around South Florida which includes miami, fort lauderdale, hollywood, and Miramar. It's the sunny side of the state with lots of great places to drive and destinations as well as landmarks. It was a night drive allowing for less traffic, but beautiful starfield night, and as we got closer to the guitar hotel, the excitement began to rise. Check the show out.

Every car we test drive has great quality cues for you to consider as you make your purchasing choices and we appreciate you checking with us to do so. The Hyundai Palisade ranks right up there at the top of the list when it comes to suvs.

To be transparent, there may be a waiting list in front of There I am to the left pictured with the palisade front fascia. I get lots and lots of questions about this vehicle among other Hyundai products as well as SUVs in general and my response is, it's a winneryou so get on it now if you have intentions of purchasing but whatever you do, go watch the episode first and leave a comment. Be a part of our community and make your voice matter as we select the top cars of the year and continue to explore new tech innovations coming to the automotive industry in to the marketplace.

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