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Hyundai's Amazing EV Journey from Olabisi Boyle, VP of product planning & mobility strategy

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Click the screen below fror the special episode

This AutoFOCUS WORLD Special episode takes you on a journey through the exciting process of transformation, elevation and innovation with Hyundai. Hyundai has transformed itself, becoming one of the few success stories in the last decade in the automobile industry.

While sales are consistently strong and it's product lineup is spectacular, Hyundai is also a leader in electrification and mobility solutions. With the backdrop of the stunning Ionic 6 EV, we treat you to an exclusive with Olabisi Boyle, vice president of product planning and mobility strategy for Hyundai Motor North America. She take us through the dynamic evolution that led to Hyundai's phenominal success.

Olabisi Boyle (pictured at left) is the vice president of product planning and mobility strategy for Hyundai Motor North America. Boyle is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of Hyundai’s U.S. vehicle lineup, leading long-range planning, and overseeing market research, business analytics, and advanced pricing. She also leads Hyundai’s U.S. mobility strategy, connected car technology, and future innovations. Boyle was named vice president of product planning and mobility strategy in August 2020. Her brilliant explanation on the Hyundai hybrid and EV journey was an absolute Master Class as you'll see when you watchn the show here.

With more than ten dynamic Hybrid and EV vehicles on the market today, Hyundai says electricity is more than a form of energy. It’s an expansive vehicle lineup that has four different kinds of electrified powertrains. It’s a complete range of energy products that helps you take charge of your home’s electricity. It’s an ingenious EV platform that’s flexible enough to be used for our entire IONIQ series. Electricity powers our belief in the future, which is why our goal is for every Hyundai to be electrified by 2040.

Its important to consumers to find out why electric vehicles are generally more efficient and less expensive to own than cars that use only gas. Even then it still may not be a simple decision. Hyundai provides things to consider like MPGe and the actual costs of electricity.

Once I got into the gorgeous Ionic 6 atthe LA Auto Show, I knew right away that I was sitting in something special, something historic. The Ionic 6 has a vibe, a swag that special cars carry. You know it right away, from the first time you lay eyes on it, to the moment you step inside.

Once inside, I was elated. "Electrification has arrived" I yelled to myself. It was the future in real time and I was ready to drive it off the LA Auto show floor, right out into the thick Figueroa traffic. Then Olabisi Boyle came over and brought me back to reality as seen at left in the clip.

If we focus only on electric models, then know this: Using motors entirely powered by batteries, electric vehicles give you instant acceleration and nimble handling on the road. They also have bigger batteries than plug-in hybrids or hybrids. This means a much longer electric range—up to an EPA-estimated combined All-Electric Range of 303 miles for IONIQ 5 and 258 miles for KONA Electric. Regenerative braking helps extend the range. The battery’s recharged by plugging into an outlet, with charging speed depending on the vehicle and type of charger. For instance, IONIQ 5 is capable of ultra-fast charging with an 800V DC charger, which makes it one of the quickest charging EVs.

Having the expertise, style and insightful dialogue with Olabisi Boyle was a treat for all car lovers and those interested in knowing more about an electrified future in automotive mobility. Stay tuned dfor our follow ups and updates in the coming episodes.

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